Coconut Herb Toothpaste
Coconut Herb Toothpaste
Coconut Herb Toothpaste

Coconut Herb Toothpaste

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Incredible Coconut Herbal Toothpaste That Contains Active Ingredients For Teeth Whitening & Fix Dental Plaque! 

Thailand green herb coconut toothpaste whitening teeth remove halitosis and plaque and reduce gingivitis dentifrice 


  • Coconut herbal extract contains high whitening natural ingredients that helps giving you whitening effect!
  • Remove smoke, tea, coffee,  and other yellow stains, whitening teeth.
  • Help to reduce the accumulation of oral bacteria in the mouth, keeping the mouth fresh and clean.


  • Apply a small amount of teeth, use every morning and evening.
  • 100% herbal tooth powder, can help to make teeth becomes brighther and whiter, turning yellow teeth white or bright.
  • Gradually turned white yellow teeth and the teeth of smoking, kill bacteria in the mouth, toothache, protect teeth, and can keep fresh breath.


Warm prompt: Thailand was called "powder", but that was not the powder ha, is like a dry paste.Each use only the amount of less, with lots of bubbles, not like brushing your teeth toothpaste at ordinary times.